【活動資訊】ENCATC 期刊徵稿---即日起自107年4月2日截止

  • 2018-03-09
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ENCATC 文化管理與政策期刊 第八期徵稿,即日起自107年4月2日截止。

VOL 8 Issue

  • Publication date: December 2018
  • Status: Open call for articles until 2 April 2018
OPEN CALL FOR ARTICLES: ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy

The Journal is based on a multidisciplinary perspective and aims at connecting theory and practice in the realm of the cultural sector. Its objective is to stimulate the debate on the topics of cultural management and cultural policy among scholars, educators, policy makers and cultural managers.

In 2018, ENCATC welcomes article submissions from any relevant discipline, provided they make an original contribution to the study of cultural management and policy.


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